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 Allow me to introduce myself 
My name is Lisset Tresvant your new skin coach . I've been an esthetician for over 7 years, in those 7 years I have built a 6 figure spa business. Along with meeting our Black Friday sales goal of $10k on our first Black Friday. I've secured partnerships with Mele Skincare, Tend Skin, along with being featured in Dermascope Magazine. I am the owner of Glow Esthetics Spa and founder of Glow Skin Corrective a skincare line created to help acne and hyperpigmentation .
 My goal is to help esthetician reach their highest potential . We all have been there before feeling lost, not knowing how or where start with our solo esthetician journey . Well, I'm here to help, allow me to guide you and teach the tips that helped me grow from a mobile esthetician to owning my own 1000sq ft spa with employees .
You too can achieve your dreams of owning and operating your own successful spa . It's not easy , but I can promise you that it will be worth it . Allow me to teach you everything you know to know so you don't make the same mistake I made
Lisset Tresvant


 Microneedling Course 

The only Microneedling course you will need . Learn what serums to use to create the change that hyaluronic acid could never . This is a easy 6 step course that will take your practice to the next level . 

 Want to make $10k a month? Well this FREE guide will give you 4 easy tips on how to take your spa business to a 6 figure business TODAY . 

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Need help with client consultations?
Don't know how to build your clientele?
New help with understanding acne?
Want to learn how to write effective home routines for your clients ?

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