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Correct, Heal, Protect .

Skincare for the intentional woman

Glow Skin Corrective crafted by Licensed Esthetician Lala D. Skincoach, with over 10 years of knowledge and expertise in corrective skincare. She's helped boost the confidence of 100's of women by correcting their acne, hyperpigmentation and textured skin with her products. Lala, intentionally made Glow Skin Corrective Skincare to heal, protect, and correct with naturally clean, non-pore clogging, gentle ingredients. Helping intentional women boost their confidence and glow from inside and out.

Finally, corrective skincare that corrects.


The Glow Cream
The Glow CreamThe Glow Cream
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Detoxifying Charcoal Cleanser
Detoxifying Charcoal Cleanser
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Meet Lisset Tresvant

Founder Corrective Skincare Expert

Lisset Tresvant is a Licensed Esthetician, owner of Glow Esthetics Spa in Hollywood, Florida, and founder of Glow Skin Corrective. Lisset has 10 years of experience specializing in curating acne and hyperpigmentation treatments for women of color. She created Glow Skin Corrective during Covid-19 to help her clients who couldn't come in to get facial treatments during the lock the down. Noticing that corrective skincare was hard to access she decided to be the one to create a line dedicated to correct , protect, and heal.

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Glowbabe Testimonials

"Although this isn't the only glow product i used, i’ve been loving everything Ive bought on here so far! My skin was clear until 12 grade 2 years ago. My self esteem has been very low because of my dark spots. Recently my skin has gotten better and I cant wait until my skin is clear! Thank you 🙏"

Armani H.

"Someone said to me this morning: “you look like you’re glowing, not shiny, glowing. Are you wearing foundation?” The attached picture is from yesterday, not this morning. But this morning I’m wearing a mask and glasses, and still glowing! Very grateful to have found Lala! Love my skin regimen. It’s very simple and clearly it’s working!!! I use the the glow skin niacinamide serum, vitamin c toner, and the aha glow exfoliation."

Holly F.

The Citrus cleanser keeps my skin glowing

Ndya L.

"This serum is amazing. I see color correction and no more mask acne!!!! Best thing out there".

Samantha B.

What should i buy ?


You want to make sure that you are cleansing for 60 seconds with one of our cleaners

Charcoal Cleanser: All skin types. Detox and remove impurities. Helps with dark marks and acne

Alpha-beta Cleanser: Oily skin, blackheads , texture skin, and combo skin.

Green Tea Cleanser: All skin types. Normal, Dry, and Sensitive.

Citrus Cleanser: All skin types Normal, Dry, and Combination skin.


Toning helps with hydration and brings pH balance back to your skin.

Vitamin C toner: All skin types

Aha toner: All skin types. Great for oily skin and mild acne breakouts.

Rose Water Toner: All Skin types.

Grab the Toner Trio


No matter if your skin is oily or not you should be moisturizing daily.

Hydro Moisturizer: All skin Types. None pore clogging.


SPF is key to your morning routine. you want to make sure you are protecting your skin from the sun's harmful rays.

Apply and re-apply every 2 hours.

We are ....

  • Esthetician Created

    Created by a black licensed esthetician

  • Vegan

    No animal byproduct in our line .

  • Organic

    We use clean ingredients

  • Ph Balanced

    Ph balanced skincare to match the skin ph chemistry.

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