The Skin Bible E-book

Here's what you'll learn in this e-book

Pro tips from a corrective skin esthetician that will change your skin and your life.

  • How to treat your acne
  • Learn how to fade your dark spots and hyperpigmentation
  • Learn how to layer your products
  • Morning and Evening Skincare routine

Let's be intentional about our skincare.

Skincare FAQ's

I have acne what should I use ?

Start with with our Corrective Glow Kit that will help minimize your acne an help smooth your textured skin. It has everything thing you need for your morning and evening skin routine.

i have dark spots/hyperpigmentation

Here is what you will need to faed your dark marks:

I want smooth skin

Want smooth, supple skin? Here are our favorites to help with texture:

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The Skin Bible Skincare E-book

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The Skin Bible Skincare E-book

Real people. Real Results.

Tired of dealing with acne? Want glowing clear skin? Start your skincare journey with Glow Skin Corrective. Join the GLOWBABE tribe. Say bye bye to acne your dark spots and hello to GLOWING skin.


Glow Skin Corrective

Our corrective skincare line made by a Licensed esthetician with years of knowledge and expertise in corrective skincare helps women who want to treat their acne, hyperpigmentation and textured skin. By providing intentionally made skincare products that heal, protect, and correct without harsh ingredients. Our skincare line will leave your skin and confident glowing.


Let's fade your dark spots

Our Niacinamide serum significantly decreases hyperpigmentation . It also reduces inflammation, which will reduce acne, and redness. Our Niacinamide also helps with reducing pore size. Keeping skin smooth and moisturized with hyaluronic acid